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Rent a bike

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Realization of the Youth project "Rent a bike" is supported by ACDI/VOCA and funded by USAID. This project was realized from June to November 2004.

ACDI/VOCA donated to Youth center 10 mount bicycles for adults and 3 for kids. In cooperation with Special hospital we rent those bicycles to guests of Merkur Hotel. Realized income we use for supply of the activity material for creative workshops of Youth Center.

30.10.2004. in the yard of the Primary school "Popinski borci" is organized and realized reveal competition in riding bicycles for kids of this Primary school and members of Youth center. On the competition participated 50 kids between 7 and 14 years divided in 2 categories.

Here were used bicycles got from ACDI/VOCA but most of participators ride their own bicycle. This competition is organized with aim to geather kids and to try their abilities and skills in this discipline. It was no ride for choosing the fastes rider, but for most skilled rider. Knowledges for trafic regulations and rules learned at school helped to participators to finish this ride successfully.

Score: I place team consisted of 3 members Aleksandar Sotirović (VI grade), Miloš Mijajlović (VI grade) and Jovana Krstić (V grade). For the youngest team consisted of Janjušević Mladen (I grade), Agaton (I grade) and Filip Cvetanović (II grade) followed congratulations. Awards provided Youth Center which give to winners monthly participation on activities for free. All participants got from Auto moto asociation distributed to all participants bedges and Manuals of basic trafic rules and propositions.

All bicycles are used also in the next period summer 2005 and they are going to be used for many years for renting to guests of Merkur Hotel.