Centar za decu i omladinu

Vrnjačka Banja

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Public events

Youth Center during its existence organized a lot of public events. There are a lot of exhibitions of kids drawings and practical things in and out of the Center. Also we participated on Exchange of souvenirs every year in May, such we were awarded for second and third price for the best-exposed stand.

Theater group very often organizes theater performances for kids from schools and kindergartens, such as for tourists' kids. Also they do performances for celebrations of other local NGOs and institutions. On performances also active role take kids from our design and music workshop.

We can mention participation on Tourist exchange of spas and resorts in the framework of Exchange of souvenirs and art where was awarded III prize 2004. and II prize 2005. for the best designed stand.

Youth center participated on I and II traditional Carnival. During the Carnival 2005th (12-17 July) more than 50 members took participation in carnival parade and theater group did 3 performances for kids.

During the Carnival 2006th (10-16 July) more than 70 members took participation in carnival parade and theater group did 4 performances for kids. Costumes and masks were prepared by kids and youth helped by skilled artists Biljana Marković Kraguljac and Ivanka Milošević. Theater group leaded by Nela Spasojević presented 4 performances.